Meet at Pension Bottendaal

Do  you like a healty breakfast or meal or a good conversation?

Our souterrain is a fantastic place to meet and eat. Our regular table invites to have a good conversation and our kitchen is in working order to prepare a healthy breakfast or a tasty meal. The music creates a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays this wonderful space is opened between 17:30 and 21:00. We are not a restaurant, but for those who want to are welcome to join us for a delicious meal (€8,50 pp)


Rita and Jos are two enthusiasts in their fifties, who plucked up courage to start a B&B pension. In the two coming years, they want to build a nice, healthy and pleasant place to stay in the beautiful, Nijmegen area Bottendaal.

Contact & Route

Rita & Jos
Burghardt  van den Berghstraat 50
6512 DN Nijmegen

M: +31630589381

KvK 55583156

rekening: NL83 rabo 0122508300 /

BIC rabo nl2u

mw HW Peters / hr JBH Veenker


U want a room or eat with us?

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